Stop Demonizing Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles is arguably the most controversial Ru Girl. And for some terribly odd reason she is very easy to demonize. It seems like everyone does it in one way or another, and it’s fairly reasonable. So much of it is fear, we seeing a performer so incredibly different from the dorky kid on Drag Race. She has matured and gone through a multitude of phases that have been haphazard and unconventional. She is no longer the twig thin (don’t get me wrong she is still absolutely tiny), goofy haired, kid that only auditioned for Drag Race because his boyfriend was. And people do not react kindly to change.

So many people are still trying to figure out who this Sharon Needles is, and it seems the first things you find on her are terrible sounding. They are misconceptions and blatant lies. Pages and articles accusing her of fascism, racism, and even abuse. It is incredibly easy to get intimidated by her. Hell – I am probably her biggest stan and I got to a place where I didn’t want to meet her. I was afraid. The only way to get around this is to – well, use your fucking brain. Only believe stories from credible people, never go on reddit, and only get your information from people that understand performance art. I can honestly and unbiasedly tell you that I never have  and never will meet a queen that cares so incredibly much about pleasing their fans as Sharon motherfucking Needles.

The night I spent with her was obscenely chaotic, though the venue was amazing (Sharon, Raja, Nina Flowers, some housewife I can’t remember the name of), the organization was shit. The meet & greet was a picture and a hello, with hundreds of people who did not pay for meet & greets, swarming to be the next in line. Nina left close to 20 minutes in, Raja left around 40, but Sharon stayed for nearly two hours. She was drunk and exhausted, just coming from shooting a music video in New York – all she wanted was to be laying in bed, but she held out. Through the chaos and the lies and the bullshit, she tried her ABSOLUTE hardest to make her fans happy. She was visibly about to break down, but after a cigarette and having her boots taken off and toes popped – she went back. “Can we just do 10 more?” She pleaded, and though everyone agreed, she did at least 30. Sharon was taking fans after the club had told everyone except for faculty to leave. All of this is just what I noticed while in between laughs and conversations with her husband. Can you imagine what I missed? And of course, I could put down my entire amazing (personal) experience with her, but if you want that tweet me because I’ve gotta get back to the point.

Yes – she has her diva moments. Her struggles when all she wants is to get away. She does wild and questionable things. But have some empathy for fucks sake. Just for one goddamn second imagine what it is like to be put in the spotlight – one where for some odd reason you are expected to be PC and gentle and something you’re not. Imagine doing shows a number of years ago, that were an attempt to bring forth the terrible racial issues happening – and because idiots misinterpret them – you are called a racist. And not just called. You are bashed, yelled at, protested against. Even when you apologize you are still called out and hated on because apologizing for something you didn’t do isn’t enough. Imagine being in a hard and unstable relationship and it being TORN APART by fame. Imagine then, knowing that and having to bring someone else into the very same circumstances and praying to a God you don’t believe in that it doesn’t happen again. Imagine having an incredible day with the love of your life, and wanting to share a picture of the two of you with your followers, but knowing most of the comments will be bashing him, telling you to get back with your ex. Imagine that and so much more. The pressure. The pain. Try to take on all of that and then tell me Sharon Needles is not incredible. And to quote one of the tweets I posted that inspired this “so literally get off her dick – she may be punk and mad cool and a slight diva – but you will NEVER have to go through what she does”.

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